Don’t bail us out – let us fail

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We need to look far into the future

We need to look far into the future

We need to put our house in order – this is our last chance, so please, don’t lend us any more money.
Don’t buy our bonds, don’t give us aid.
We need to feel the pain of bankruptcy to correct our ways.

You all know how profligate we have been.
Don’t let the demonstrators fool you “how can you live on 400 euros pension (a month)?”
Answer: You can’t.
None of the people who are demonstrating will admit that apart from their pension they have other revenue sources: rent from property they own, a little business they do on the side (in a relative’s name, so they can collect their pension too – mostly without paying taxes), income from some agricultural activities (or subsidies) or similar.
Granted, they need to have these additional sources of income to live on.
But know that they oppose the austerity measures with false claims that misrepresent the reality of the Greek economy.

In a country of 11 million people, we support (pay for) 600,000 public servants.
If public organizations are shut down, we don’t fire anyone – they must be re-assigned and we have to pay them for life (even if they do little or no work) because of a law we refuse to change.

Each member of a family (including all teenagers) has a mobile phone – sometimes two per person.
With monthly phone bills of 30, 50, 100 euros or more.
We are indeed a poor country of rich people.

How do we do it?

The answer lies somewhere between bursting credit card bills and consumer loans and the black economy, estimated at about 30% of GDP (a gross underestimate in my opinion).
And the supply of artificial money, like the 3.25 billion euros worth of bounced checks that were in circulation as of 2008 to facilitate “doing business” with no money.

Run a quick calculation – if Greece could bring the black economy into the daylight and tax it, then the Germans and the French would not have to rescue us.
But it’s not going to happen.
Not if you keep helping us.
We are over-reliant on outside help, aid, subsidies. Like Africa, we have been helped to death.
Stop it now.
You are only postponing the inevitable (bust) and putting yourselves at further risk – just think of the 3 billion bubble of these bounced, many-hands-changing and future-dated checks (a Greek original!).

It is time we learn to stand on our own feet, love our country again (with real, patriotic feelings that should make us rise to the occasion to make sacrifices, do ourselves whatever it takes to re-shape and save our country – not indulge in the the “patriotism” that is easily “offended” when people call it as they see it – even when they do so in a distasteful way).

It is all within our power – we just lack the will.
And our politicians lack the courage.

We can do it.
If we were clever enough to lie our way into the Eurozone and now hold you to ransom, we can find ways to be productive again.

But why, you may think in sympathy, should poor Greeks pay for the incompetence and corruption of their governments (and complicit actions of outside institutions)?
Because we elect them.
Because we corrupt them (by benefiting from or turning a blind eye to their corrupt ways).
So ours is the blame and so it should be our cost to bear.

Forget how much you love Homer and Socrates and let us correct or perish.
Visit Greece, enjoy the history and hospitality, get value for your money – don’t give hand-outs.

It is our responsibility to save our country, and we never will if we are bailed out once more.

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