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Roger Ellman

Fixing bicycles, showing films, serving spiked lemonade with music blaring outdoors, visiting Afghanistan before the Russians, message in a bottle in the south China seas, standing up for policemen in the Philippines, breaking up post-bar fight in California, crossing south America with the wrong ticket, visiting contact lens conventions with crowds of bespectacled practitioners, browsing at Either/Or bookstore, chasing rainbow bridge, the best cheap hotel in Cannes, a local night club in Lagos, me and Jesse in Rio De Janeiro, “an englishman, a horse and a spider”, boosting exports all over the world, the FDA and NSC, country & western experience, flying across the desert to Las Vegas, Brooklyn Bridge fireworks, “rattlesnakes, scorpions and me”, the Emperor has clothes for a while, aloha no-how, juiced up and ready to go, Silicon Valley take me in your arms, howdy cowboy, lake Livermore on a windy day (oh boy), 1-800-you-know-it-makes-sense, California to Canada and the bridges of Oregon, roll those cigarettes – roll in the dough (smoke it while you can), invisibly through the fog to Oxford, taking the Spanish high road, a Porsche in Mexico keeps the court happy, “you must be an episcopalian”, what a difference a painting makes ten days later, the Wall Street Journal makes news and lives, the Acropolis… Lina and me, cabin forward to Crete, tell it like it is like never before, life on the island, business as unusual, creating the best travel concept in the world, keep those principles, everyone you touch – even if it doesn’t seem like much, Rome’s forum and England’s gardens together.

Lina Zaproudi

Lina Zaproudi

Born and raised in Greece, I feel strangely more at home with English and Anglo-American culture…Graduated an electrical engineer, spent a fun, post-grad year in Poland, fiddled with industrial automation for 3 years until I was pulled (by life, Roger…and possible latent inclinations) into computers, the internet, travel, philosophy, politics and the human condition. Told my parents I’m an atheist, told my sister I am drawn to journalism (both, to their horror). I am always reading something, fighting  to descipline myself to watch only good movies, like to play around with FileMaker and Dreamweaver. WordPress/PHP and Twitter exciting new things I explore.
Having recently landed in Britain, I am curiously observing from close all things British!


A case that defies mathematics – the whole amounts to more than the 2 parts.  We work, have fun and enjoy life better together!


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