200 Million bus tickets

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Eighth Grade – Directed by Bo Burnham. The movie shows the experience of a girl going through the ordeal of school

Aug 3rd, 2018 | By

So clear and brightly fresh. I also long to see the day when the absurd school “system” which is the lattice background of this story told for many, changes beyond recognition from it’s ludicrous ceremonies, it’s tense antiquated destruction of hearts and minds. — Roger Ellman (@RogerEllman) July 29, 2018

Historic photo of the month – Roger shows paintings in the high desert of Arizona

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From the 90’s !  

A photo for the first month of the year

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Coffee at a café in Chippenham, England

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Chippenham - Cafe with view of shopping opportunities

The girl who reads is here.   The man who recommends something to everyone and usually, but not this morn, wears a jogging outfit is here.   The rather sour-faced server, who is when she summons it up jollier than that, is here.   Through the window I see the shops that are struggling, strung
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British television has the flu but lacks fever

Dec 27th, 2010 | By

UK TV has exhumed  zombies from the media grave and brought them upstairs and then downstairs after an episode of Lewis a program which is More with Morse left out…well thus , Lewis. It is a choice of boredom and brain destruction such as The Apprentice or the mood and setting of Poirot,  then the
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Tea & culture!

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If you have not, you must.  Visit the Wallace Collection in London. Not only is it a fine collection of works of art, paintings, furniture, porcelain, but the wonderful tea-room is alone worth a visit. [nggallery id=3] See also: The Wallace Collection website