Economy Nuggets – Number 1

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Got gold - have we got money?

The economies of much of the world continue to demonstrate falling numbers, weakness and susceptibility of any and every strain, at any piece of bad news or minor change of sentiment.

Today gold has reached (perhaps it will fall leaking gains or rise to excite new cries of “how high” ) 1862 dollars per ounce.

Dollar value is often low and the British Pound quite high in value versus the Euro 1.15 Euros to one pound compared to 1.12 to 1.13 or many months until a week to 10 days ago.

Google is buying Motorola’s mobile division (mobile phones and so on) with thousands of patents in the package.

HP is discontinuing its tablet and it seems likely to divert and attend to business rather than the consumer market with a mention of heading into the cloud.

Meanwhile in a better frame of mind Intel is forging forward with even better multiples of data being processed in newer processors, transistors and nanoscale approaches. Fater with better batttery life is the goal.

Space tourism gets a boost with the few years hence space hotel announced – we hope with real authority… Travel keeps its end up both on this planet and with a future away from it and perhaps on others.

Now that’s something I look  forward to writing about!

Gold was money and maybe the future of money

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