200 Million bus tickets

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First days of April you must not miss!

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These announcements are important…don’t miss the real beginning of April:       LOCK-ROPE(TM) Hotels  (2017)   Innovation continues… S-Trip Hotels (2016)     It gets better… NanoHotelExperience  (2015)   They really think this way…? Bus Lanes To Be For Walkers  (2014)   Unbelievable..! Weightless Hotels(TM)  (2013)   You gotta’ say maybe…. Spring Rules of
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Travel Nourishes – A little taste of Mallorca in pictures

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Oasis Hotel, Avenida Cadiz, Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain

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Cordoba - Mesquita - The Cathedral in the middle of the old mosque

Oasis Hotel Cordoba If there comes a time when cutting the overall cost of a trip is a good idea, one way is to punctuate your stay between chic or grand or charming but pricey hotels, with a cheaper one. Cordoba is a must-see (why else stay there!?). Another “must-visit” in your Andalucian tour. I
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Airport Days

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View from the airplane

There is something unique to the experience of rising early for a flight. It’s not the same as an early start for a motoring journey whether that happens to be from home or a hotel. Setting out to get to the airport has peculiar stresses and some pleasures. If you leave on time it is
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Parador de Ubeda, Ubeda, Andalucia, Spain

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Parador - Hotel to stay at in Ubeda, Andalucia

Oh magnificent buildings! Ubeda – a less well known but an essential-to-visit gem of a town in Andalucia. In the square by the church Sacra Capilla del Salavador is a key part of the ancient center of this most tempting of Andalucian towns. The town is richly thickened-with-buildings of ancient beauty including, next to the
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Calais – Dover: Why wait for the ferry it can feel like it will wait for you

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Travelling from France (Europe) to the UK is often a matter of making the timing work – if you seek a pleasurbale entry, a favorable arrival in that little old England. The perfect solution I’ve found is a stay at La Matelotte – a four star hotel facing the sea at the mouth of the
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Travelling by ferry to Loutro

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I love  travelling to Loutro on theseold ferries… Somebody said: ferry travel is the most relaxing and enjoyable form of travel I agree!