Oasis Hotel, Avenida Cadiz, Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain

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Oasis Hotel Cordoba

Cordoba - Mesquita - The Cathedral in the middle of the old mosque

Cordoba - Cathedral

If there comes a time when cutting the overall cost of a trip is a good idea, one way is to punctuate your stay between chic or grand or charming but pricey hotels, with a cheaper one.

Cordoba is a must-see (why else stay there!?). Another “must-visit” in your Andalucian tour. I chose my visit there to coincide with this cost-reduction manoeuvre.

The Oasis hotel is on a main boulevard, Avenida actually (for we are in Spain!), and has easy access to the centre – a short three euro taxi ride (on a sizzling 38 degree hot day you do not want to take the 15 minute walk) to the Puente Romano (bridge across the Guadalquivir River).

This is a great way to approach the centre as you walk across the river with the Cathedral in view straight ahead of you, the whole way across the river. A magical sight.

The Cathedral is famous because of the extensive mosque structure which acts like a large Moorish arcade surrounding the cathedral itself in the centre. It is massive, dramatic, foreboding, impressive, moving – some or all of these depending upon your own interpretation – but not to be missed!

The approach to Cordoba

Leading into Cordoba

Add in the old town area spreading away from this in narrow crowded streets, the Arab Baths, Botanic Gardens and some locals-out-for the night squares with cafes and bars serenaded by touring street musicians playing with hope for donations of appreciation.

The Oasis is clean, well run, staffed by friendly family and their employees, rooms are neat, simple and very acceptable. The rooms at the back are quiet and view across the river to Cordoba itself ( a subdued partial view).

There is a large and well kept swimming pool, restaurant and bar.

Please enter - Hotel Oasis - Car Parking is free !

Hotel Oasis entrance and parking for cars - Cordoba, Andalucia

Don’t forget to go to local cafes and bars in the various small neighbourhood squares around the city and consider the Conception – Conde de Gondomar – Plaza Tendillas area if you would like to use this as your opportunity to sample the fashions in Spain’s main shops.

To stay at the very reasonable Oasis hotel in Cordoba – make a reservation here


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