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Post-Brexit coffee taste changed

It’s not because of the referendum, but the coffee blend prepared at this specialist cafe in Bath, Post-Brexit UK, by experts who strive for perfection, changes weekly and there are three blends to choose from. The blend I’m enjoying is from Panama and I think we still trade with Panama!   In any case Panama
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The lull of the leap year, the lure of the moment given

Today, in the future you may wonder when this was written and I will tell you, is the 29th day of February 2016. Unless we change things, the calendar we have adopted for the main part, there will be more leap years. And a tradition that is likely to continue for a little while is
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Spectre: what happened to the Bond genre?

I was suspicious when I heard the title. Perhaps when you name the villain in the title, you lose the will to, die another day….well, the energy of the story. You have already popped a hole in the balloon. There was not much left after that. Music (sub-par, generic suspense-thump plus chase-clashing and, almost entirely
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APRIL FIRST 2021 – Just foolin’

APRIL FIRST 2021 The Ever Grounded, the biggest freight ship in the world, fully loaded with containers of plastic buckets, fake moustaches and  spare parts for kitchen food mixers, among  1,916 other items on their way to customers across the world, has been stuck with bow wedged into one bank and stern dug into the
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“The God delusion”, by Richard Dawkins

Why read this book? These excerpts speak for the book: [Referring to Julia Sweeny ] My first call from my mother was more of a scream. ‘Atheist? ATHEIST?!?!’ […] I think that my parents had been mildly disappointed when I’d said I didn’t believe in God any more, but being an atheist was another thing
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Greece has views, and views Greece and Hope

    Greece: Do we, Greeks, have any hope?   [Question and answer originally published on Quora.com – September 14, 2013 ]   Absolutely you do. Just not as soon as we’d all like for you. With one of the best known collections of topographic and scenic beauty, wonderful history that’s still visible, one of
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