Aye Eye for YOU – April 1st 2019

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Aye Eye.
The help you need before you know you need it.“AI” Travel Group Omniscient is delighted, and not a little amused, to announce the launch of Aye Eye Hotels, Aye Eye Car Rental and Aye Eye AirWeGo Airlines.

Two blinks of your eyelashes, speaking a very saucy personal joke, doing an impromptu love-dance, gets you registered for all Aye Eye services allowing you to forgo the awful need to choose.

Find yourself in the New Version of Bali, on the sand, naked and with no knowledge of how you got there.
Experience sitting in a middle seat on an AirWeGo AIrlines flight to nowhere (we only takeoff and land) thinking you’ve had a holiday romance, chilled out, hiked and kayaked, dined and danced or walked through the endlessness of the worlds HardArt museums, all without actually taking off or landing or in fact spending more time than it takes to buckle your electrodes.

AITGO’s (AI Travel Group Omniscient) AyeEyeTelligence just seamlessly, without turbulence, delivers the whole experience in a flash – you can get back to the work that awaits you “at home” in less than an hour.

In fact soon you won’t have to leave home, or perhaps your own bathroom if it’s easier, to have travelled exotically, quickly, meaningfully and environmentally correctly.

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