First days of April you must not miss!

Apr 1st, 2018 | By | Category: Fun stuff, News, Travel

These announcements are important…don’t miss the real beginning of April:




LOCK-ROPE(TM) Hotels  (2017)


Innovation continues...

S-Trip Hotels (2016)



It gets better…

NanoHotelExperience  (2015)


They really think this way…?

Bus Lanes To Be For Walkers  (2014)



Weightless Hotels(TM)  (2013)


You gotta’ say maybe….

Spring Rules of Great Customer Service  (2011)


Progress in a coffee cup spilled…

X-Hotels(TM) Launched by 5 Star Raft Hotels (2010)


Magic revealed…

5 Star Raft Hotels(TM) Launched (2009)



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