On April first 2016 we launch S.trip hotels

Apr 1st, 2016 | By | Category: News

Inspired by the lack of truly colorful and brightly lit gambling and hospitality joints in Vas Legas, the company that created X-hotels and the truly hard-to-find 5 Star Raft Hotels announce the grand opening of S.Trip hotels.

The first hotel to open and bring this amazing concept to the leisure travel marketplace, on the famous Vas Legas S.trip Boulevard, the S.trip Always Win  Palace Hotel features guaranteed-to-win (the house Always Loses ) gambling tables and “one armed bandits” (some of ours are, sadly, the all too human variety – but at least we gave them a job…) . Everyone  gets a 40,00 square foot suite for the price of a 1960’s motel room, in 1960’s prices…yes, that’s what we mean.

Meals are included – all you can eat caviar, lobster and all you can drink Moet vintage champagne – and parking is free…in fact if you stay with us more than two nights and your car looks old, we will replace it free, with the latest fully equipped and tricked out, model equivalent. 

In the S.trip WE are the “whales” and YOU are the winners, guaranteed or your money back!

So you can see, this really won’t…can’t, last long!

We estimate the life of the new S.trip hotel in Vas Legas will be just one day…so get in, book and stay for that great April First memory of a lifetime.

As the founders say with a puzzling smile ” there is no greater fool than a fool on the first day of April “.

Investing and Investors:

Note: Potential investors in the S.trip hotel concept should contact the Whales department of any too-big-to-fail bank, where information packets may be available, but commission will most certainly be taken willingly.

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