The New 5 Star Raft Hotels group launches

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The New 5 Star Raft Hotels group launches

We are delighted to announce the first of our new hotel brand – “5 Star Raft Elafonisi Crete”.

5 Star Raft will build and float super-luxury wood raft floating hotels. The first is the 5 Star Raft Elafonisi Crete. The new hotel phenomenon will be rolled out with hotels around the USA, Hawaii, The Falklands, Australia and Greece over the next six months for a fast-accumulating total of 112 hotels. After that another 375 5 Star Raft Hotels will open every 7 months.
Most will offer 75 “Deep-Luxury” dream suites, according to Overt Symptom the company’s president of operations and expansion.

Creating a new market, a new level of sophistication, service, luxury and sense of movement.

The demand for the vacation that “does everything” and suits the whole family, and confers bragging rights for inclusion in the “best holiday destination in the world” category, is increasing.

Few want to risk the expense of a once in a lifetime “luxury beyond luxury” vacation in today’s financial madhouse if by being stuck in one place, the very experience could be compromised by a deterioration in the location of a hotel…by changes in the surrounding landscape, or even weather.

5 Star Raft ® solves all problems, in fact it eliminates them. For example the 5 Star Raft Elafonisi Crete only stays in Elafonisi if the weather is good and the area is not too crowded.

If it rains the hotel sails to better climes, if it gets crowded it sails to a quieter bay.

If you wish to arrange a large family gathering vacation or a corporate retreat, just book the whole raft and we will bring the 5 Star Raft Hotel to a port near you.

5 Star Raft combines the romance of drifting on a raft with luxury that could only have been dreamed of:

– Teak wood floating virtual city – with nightly performances of world-standard operas, concerts, rap artists, poetry readings along with circus performers, movie premieres, and many more.

– A selection of 20 of the world’s best restaurants including Marine Puch’s, WaterBucks café, The Water Ivy, Floating Sushi, SoftShoeMama’s, Taglietelle Delight, RandomSteaks, DriftwoodCanapes, TheFloatingChampagneFlute, WhichWayWasabe, Ming’sDishes, CaptainAhab’sCatchItIfYouCan and more.

– 3 Members of staff for every guest – and the exclusive “ChangeThatOne” feature which means if you don’t like your waiter…change him and choose another, if the bartender won’t laugh at your jokes…call in your own substitute ‘tender’

– Make your time useful and educational – all 5 Star Raft hotels are stocked with at least 59 university professors chosen for their expertise, usually department heads from Stanford, Harvard, South Carolina Tech, Oxford, Cambridge, Beijing Institute of research and even the Falkland Island’s own Professor of economics – all waiting to give a lecture, a debate, personal coaching and tuition.

– Unique to the hotels is the sense-sensor ® fuelled by 73 high powered computer servers, after being injected with the Mood and Feeling intravenous submarine detector on check in…we will know exactly what you want, when you want it, whatever it is. And with our worldwide “what are they gonna’ want next?” network, you’ll never wait for more than 2 minutes 23 seconds for what you feel like doing, to be what you are doing! Think of that!

There is one thing that might be considered limiting about the 5 Star Raft Hotel concept (we are working to overcome this) – at the moment you can only book up to noon on April 1, 2009 because there’s a storm brewing around the 5 Star Raft booking center and we just can’t keep the internet and phone connecting wires plugged in after that time.

5 Star Raft Hotels – ready to float!

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