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Hotels are changing into… something else.

Many have become hyper-wealthy from our strategy of inventing next-generation thinking and technology when they participated in the launch of our revolutionary new Hotel products.

We introduced 5 Star Raft Hotels ™, Weightless Hotels and Resorts™, X-hotels™, Infinity Hotels’ NanoHotelsExperience™ and the whimsically Wynn-spired S.Trip Hotels™.

Now – as is the time-honored tradition to launch our newest hotel concepts on the First day of April – we are more excited for you than ever, as we open the doors on LOCK-ROPE HOTELS™ .

LOCK-ROPE HOTELS™ are “irrefutably” the most exclusive anyone could stay at. Using the LOCK-ROPE Unlocked-Chain technology a new hotel can only be created after one guest has stayed for 10,000 nights in one stretch, and a continuous “Hotel-Check-In-Ledger” can be viewed anywhere in the world to show and prove the accuracy of guest stays, room numbers, hotel openings, even – breakfast croissants served.

[ If you’ve heard of the old-hat Block-Chain and the Bitcoin currency that was based upon it long ago, LOCK-ROPE™ now takes that simple idea and builds on it in the Four-Dimension-Plus-One-Cubed protocol. Insanely exciting methodology. This results in “Irrefutability” and eliminates the word “Fake” from the marketplace. ]

No more need for guest reviews, travel awards and star ratings. Gone are those crude old-school methods of helping flailing, indecisive customers choose to become guests. Everything anyone needs to know or has known or will know, every experience, every good or bad service moment, all are recorded faithfully in the un-hackable, unchangeable…. ”irrefutable”  LOCK-ROPE Unlocked-Chain™.

We may or may not release photographs of the first hotel as this is now considered redundant, but for those still immersed in the nostalgia of the old ways of making choices, our LOCK-ROPE brokers will be happy, “irrefutably” happy, to help.

Originally scheduled for incremental introduction to the hospitality marketplace, now because of the sheer efficiencies of LOCK-ROPE we are also happy to be able to announce the simultaneous launch of LOCK-ROPE VILLAS™ and LOCK-ROPE RESORTS™ . Of course, they also incorporate the Four-Dimension-Plus-One-Cubed protocol, don’t worry.

Those booking a stay at the resorts with Golf facilities will be delighted that because of the ultimate security of the LOCK-ROPE Unlocked-Chain™, the days of falsely claimed golfing par scores – the abhorrent habit of so many resort guests until now – which have ruined the sense of victory for so many club-wielding “players”, these are a thing of the past, replaced by our “irrefutable” joy guarantee. Not just ours, yours too.

It may seem unromantic, or hard to be tempted by the prospect of your next vacation, perhaps your next business trip, based at a LOCK-ROPE Unlocked-Chain™ Hotel, Villa or Resort, but don’t forget, you no longer need to “feel” inclined or happy with your choice, you no longer even need to choose…. The LOCK-ROPE Unlocked-Chain pre-decides everything for you!


“Unlocking Chains worldwide”



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