Infinity Hotels Group announces “NanoHotelExperience” April 1, 2015

Mar 31st, 2015 | By | Category: Fun stuff, Hotels I Like, News

With a flourish that only the First Day Of April can bring,  Infinity Hotels head of Social Meddling, based in the Infinity WorldWide Headquarters in Detroit (chosen for the extraordinary low real estate costs and office rents),  Mac (the Nano) McMac – head of Misleadingly large yet apparently small projects, tells us that the first NanoHotel will open for a few seconds today.

The uniqueness of NanoHotels cannot be overstated.

It’s quite simple really….guests give a DNA sample, and their sample is accommodated in the NanoHotel. No checking in. No luggage or packing!

The first thing you have to realize (that is wonderful) about this is the incredible energy savings, the sheer eco-brilliance (TM) of this… small, so little energy used.

Guest travel takes 1/100000000th of the traditional hotel stay.

The hotel uses 1/1000000000th of the normal hotel’s land area.  Construction takes 1/10000000000th of the energy of current hotel developments.

Mac McMac also tells us guests will be able to use the full services of the new nano-Uber when booking (their DNA sample) into any Infintiy Hotels NanoHotelExperience.

Though it may get lost in the sheer brightness, noise, hustle and bustle and so on, the next NanoHotelExperience will open in Las Vegas, with international expansion likely in another blink of an eye.

Progress? What? Yes. A splendid start to a new month.



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