Lively and textural during the C-Virus

May 22nd, 2020 | By | Category: News

Oh yes! We can zoom along and meet around the edges of the screen. Undoubtedly that’s so many times better than if this had happened 25 years ago with only a crackly, high-priced phone call to connect us to the world and those we love!

From Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway annual briefing to American Idol, these things are falling into the dull de-energized sink-hole of a video conferencing app. There’s no crowd, no audience, no communion of energy shared.
The thrill is gone, the energy is gone. Replacing sex with a conversation about sex is a lesson in disappointment. It’s no substitute. If what you want is not available, not on the menu and you still want a special and enjoyable experience, your best bet is to order Something Completely Different not a sad second best.

At the same time, because Time had become an amorphous blob of ill-defined character in the midst of these days of homeliness, we find it impossible now to believe that anything “The White House” says or prescribes is good or wise or to the benefit of the people who live in the USA, or anywhere else on the planet.

Everyone’s intelligence is being stretched, expanded and exercised. At least we hope that’s one good outcome.

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