APRIL FIRST 2021 – Just foolin’

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The Ever Grounded, the biggest freight ship in the world, fully loaded with containers of plastic buckets, fake moustaches and  spare parts for kitchen food mixers, among  1,916 other items on their way to customers across the world, has been stuck with bow wedged into one bank and stern dug into the other bank of the Suez Canal, is the first offering from the new randomly-located hotel group “Stuck And Surprised Hotels” otherwise known affectionately as SASH Group.

A stay of anywhere from 1 to 27 nights – depending on how long it took to refloat and move the giant ship – was possible and so very exclusive. Once the ship was refloated and moved, that’s it, no-one can ever stay again. So exclusive! Such bragging rights! And anywhere from time for a few hours to weeks of relaxation with unusual decor and multicolored steel containers, and a most uninterested canal-bank-view would have left you free to read, meditate or grumble.

The prediction for the next SASH Group hotel stay is expected to be in a mobile home being transported from the manufacturer to its installation site, which may get stuck in traffic due to atypical, unpredicted blizzards in April in Ibiza and simultaneously (though not the same mobile home) exceptional snow fall in Acapulco, Mexico causing roads to become too slippery to navigate.

Reservation systems had to be reinvented by Stuck And Surprised Hotels Group chief technology officer Anatolia Anywhere. Customer-Guests, as they are known , have to book a price range stay for a particular number of people (from one to four) for any date within a 12 month period on any continent or ocean in the world, for anywhere from 6 hours to three week stays. If a stay is booked the actual stay – whatever the guests have booked, may be much longer depending on the cause of the StuckSettingScenario (TM) and if the Stuck setting is stuck for longer than expected guests will have to stay for the full duration of the event and of course, pay for their whole time enjoying the StuckAndHappy (TM) experience.

The new Hotel group already has bookings to the value of $257,533,005.12  . It’s an expensive offering, the average cost per person per stay is $67,700.00 and the average length of stay is 2 days 16 hours and 29 minutes. The cost is high because the measures taken to fly or drop or float or slide people in can be extreme.

Considered the most exciting, and first truly new hotel concept for 83 years, Stuck And Surprised is showing the Hotel and lodging industry how to innovate in unpredictable times.

For further details:

Email – IcouldBeAnywhereRightNow@StuckAndSurprisedOffshoreHoldings.com

Phone – send email to request phone number.

Pigeon mail coordinates:  Wherever the winds blow strongest and the temperatures reach lowest or highest right now.

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