10 things hotel booking websites should have

Mar 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Business/Entrepreneurship, Featured Articles, Popular
  1. Original hotel descriptions (and not the hotel’s own!)
  2. Original photos (again, not just the oh-so-perfect-images the hotel provides)
  3. Clear price-list, including all taxes (show all periods,  without having to enter dates)
  4. Testimonials for the travel service/website/business
  5. Transparent about who handles the booking and who is responsible for customer satisfaction
  6. Clear, plain-english quotes and terms (without legalise & lengthy disclaimers)
  7. Area information (original – not Wikipedia please!)
  8. Privacy policy (what are they doing with your details?)
  9. Feedback form
  10. Full contact details, including physical address and contact numbers

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One Comment to “10 things hotel booking websites should have”

  1. Hello Andy, thanks for stopping by.

    To clarify: the Consumer credit act referred above applies for the UK.

    Charging your holel/villa bookings on a credit card is a good idea – it is certainly convenient and provides a level of protection.
    I believe most reservations are indeed made this way, be it “live”, or by secure mail or by phone. We, too, encourage the use of credit cards when booking your hotel.

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