Amazon, Apple, markets and Tablets of desire

Sep 30th, 2011 | By | Category: Business/Entrepreneurship, Economics, Featured Articles

I have only seen basic stuff on the Fire, Amazon’s newly launched tablet)

I say Fire away – because I am sure it will be good and yes I do think both will go forward and both will build sales

I believe also that Apple will not have been resting on its laurels and will keep innovating and changing both in price points of different units and new capabilities and features

I am certain that Jeff is already well advanced with the next three products in this realm (as is Apple)

I think both Apple and Amazon stock is a better bet than most others in any sector for good price rises over the next six months. proviso or caveat is that we have  all the ingredients for a continuing OVERALL stock marathon downhill skiing era for many months or even a year and more. that said, it is never everba continuing straight line from top to bottom just as it will not be unrippled sailing for Amazon or Apple.

On the face of it Amazon seems to have it’s sails better tuned to the illn winds that blow in the economy and are thus better set to profit however down the pundits and or the reality may paint  things / actually be.

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