The way Matt Mullenweg works, Beyonce’s empire, the corruption of Britain

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Morning Reading, selected articles of interest from various publications.

The Way I Work: Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress)
I travel a lot, but when I’m in San Francisco, I usually work from home. Everyone else works from home, too. We’re a virtual company. We recently got an office on Pier 38, a five-minute walk from my apartment. I’ll go to there once a week, usually Thursdays, and for board meetings, which happen about once every two months. We leased it so we wouldn’t have to keep borrowing conference rooms from our VC partners. It’s kind of sad; we have this great space right on the water — and six days a week, it’s empty. Of the 40 people working for the company, eight are in the Bay Area, but that’s just a coincidence. They could be anywhere in the world.
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Inside Beyonce’s Entertainment Empire
That’s the way much of her life has played out for the past 20 years–one reason she has sold upward of 118 million records, won ten Grammys, starred in seven films and headlined three solo tours. This year she will bring in an estimated $87 million from publishing and music sales, touring and other performances, film work, her fashion collection and endorsement deals. That diversified portfolio helps her land at number 4 on the FORBES Celebrity 100 list, a ranking based on income and visibility.
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The Corruption of Britain, by Paul Johnson
The present House of Commons is probably the first in which every member is a professional politician whose parliamentary salary and allowance are his or her main source of income. The great majority of members have never been in any other trade or profession. The chief difference between the two parties’ members is that Labour’s are mainly from the lower middle class, Tories from the upper middle class. The working class and the rich are largely unrepresented.
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