At night you can’t see so much. A quick word on Tom Ford’s “Nocturnal Animals”

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Excellent acting from Jake G and not a bad piece of work from anyone
else is not quite enough to have this tale – with whatever intended
conclusive meaning – a merging of timelines and intention to get
revenge or imagined revenge, a suspenseful study of the problems in our
characters’ lives, lead us to a clear idea of what we are really being

This is a well-constructed piece of work and it’s good to view, but it
is solid only in the way a bridge providing no visible connection
between divided land or levels, leaves me with the question “why was
the bridge there? why build it?” We are immersed in a contemporary
psychological drama, a problematic relationship which looks like it has
been losing momentum for a long time, alternated with a “Texas Chain
Saw Massacre” meets “Psycho” via Spielberg’s all-time standard-setter
“Duel” story – really, a story – of connected but time-distanced
events. This is clever but omits the real intelligence of a summary, a
final explanation.

Try to put it all together, and any conclusion as to what story we’ve
just been told is speculative intellectual guesswork.

That….is not enough.

In fact, looking at what I have just written may just be as
inconclusive as “Nocturnal Animals”.

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