Charges for Credit or Debit cards are a Cost of Doing Business.

Oct 9th, 2012 | By | Category: Daily Scramble, News

Charges for Credit or Debit cards are a Cost of Doing Business.


Credit cards and Debit cards

Customers should avoid and or vigorously protest at companies trying to charge for the acceptance of credit or debit cards, the modern way of making payments.


While we still falsely prop ourselves up by relying on a plethora of government rules and regulations, these should (apart from being eliminated actually!) also prohibit such charges.


Administration costs charged by any company for issuing tickets if their business model requires tickets, are also an anomaly and should not be charged at all.


A customer pays for a service or product….a company needs to assess how much it needs to charge to provide that service or product (this includes its costs of collecting the payment customers make).


As a customer, if I enter a coffee shop and am told that the coffee is £2 but serving it to me will be another 50 pence while I’m standing at the counter, apart from suggesting I operate the coffee machine myself (which would never be allowed), I would not pay the 50p “labour fee” or “administration fee”.  It is possible the coffee shop should price its coffee at £2.50 !


There is absolutely no difference with any other payment transaction.


Therefore there should not be – charges to me as a customer made by a business to accept my payment.


And yes, I am fully aware that businesses pay from 1.75 to 3 % to credit card companies/banks for the convenience of accepting cards.


It really is that simple.

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