Christmas fun

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Christmas snow scene illustration

Christmas snow scene illustration

I love Christmas!
It is such a wonderful time when most people are in a good mood and kinder than usual to each other. Smiles come easier, little hiccups are dismissed faster, we do more fun things with our friends and family, we play with children. If we are lucky, we get snow! What is not to like?
What, an atheist who loves Christmas? Yes, indeed.
Like Oriana Fallaci, I consider myself a “Christian Atheist” – meaning I appreciate some of the legacies and traditions – which I now enjoy in a secular way. I can and do thoroughly enjoy Christmas without going to church.

How I love to spend the Christmas break:

1. Take time off work – or reduce work to an absolute minimum (this usually follows a great “push” to finish projects before the holiday season, so the break feels even more deserved and precious).

2. Put up holiday decorations around the house – lots. And lots of candles.

3. Scout for the most interesting and evocative wrapping paper & ribbons and wrap Christmas presents.

4. Receive Christmas presents!!!

5. Read, read, read – especially the new books I received as presents (ah, the luxury of having time to read uninterrupted…)

6. Paint Christmas-themed illustrations, cards, snow-scenes…and generally have fun dabbing a brush into bright colours and mixing it up.

7. Watch Christmas movies (especially romantic comedies…a bit fed up with the, too “didactic”, sometimes right-down absurd, religious ones).
(Some suggestions: The Holiday, Holiday in Handcuffs, Love Actually , You’ve Got Mail )

8. Listen to great music on my stereo – especially Christmas songs & classical and romantic music.

9. Start the New Year’s calendar – usually featuring Roger’s art (like his 2010 calendar below)

Roger Art Calendar 2010

Roger Art Calendar 2010   (Buy this on

10. And of course, prepare my new year’s  resolutions.

How do you like to spend Christmas?

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