Greece: Best thing is for the EU to help, and find a way to work with Greece

Jul 6th, 2015 | By | Category: News

First read my article explaining why the vote in the referendum held on Sunday July5, 2015 should have been yes, here

The EU should not be incautious and whether it should be their responsibility or not, must help Greece “back into” being within Europe, all systems including banking.

It is clear to those who can add numbers together, that debt relief is needed on a huge scale.

It is clear that Greece needs to find new leadership with the brilliance of vision and determination and integrity to lead the country away from its fragile, murky and faulty politics of previous decades, to realize its potential for the sake of the young, the old and all in between – for all the people.

Both things must happen. Otherwise, as history shows, momentous events produce the last thing anybody ever expects, unpredictable and suprising, it has rarely been something welcome.

We can do better. We will.



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