Greece – what you really need to know….at long last! (part 1)

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I should inform, or remind you, here that Greece has suffered governments of “alternating liars” for 20 years. Only those living in cloud cuckoo land believe the “usual suspects”.


Bye bye or hello !?

Greece receding - departure or return - bye bye or hello ?

When a nation wakes up to realize it has been governed by a democratic impersonation of corrupt despots, it looks messy, as it does now.


It is no longer possible to say the people get the government they deserve, for it was not the recent voters but a legacy of decades that led to this shambles of rule by (what would be in most countries) an unbelievable number of imprison-able people.


Organizations – the bureaucracies of the country – hamper the ability to work, the ability to live and the ability to make progress in any aspect of life in ways most cannot imagine – the reality of this is like a country run by an exceptionally evil character in Alice Through the Looking Glass.


I think it is a big mistake to look at Greece as some far off peculiarity however. Belief in or trust in politicians and bureaucratic institutions has been damaged and may well be at a tipping point in most “western” and some other, countries worldwide.


Because incompetent conduct and lies, when these are offered by public officials, are becoming more visible and more transparent with our multi faceted (internet) “Media Spring” – many are waking up to  no longer accept that this is the best we can do.


The medium and long term future is bright – something like the next industrial revolution  – with technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy, food developments and discoveries, and communications, edging closer to a new age of prosperity created out of innovation. This is for Greece as for others…it will not leave a country out even though the transition from now to where we will be “then”, is likely to be tough.


However sorting out the shaky foothold that many of the worlds administrations are fearfully clinging on to now, as if wearing ice climbing boots on a rapidly melting glacier, and creating the next era of ethical, logical and benevolent governance – that’s the immediate task.

There will be a need to train people to accept and handle “the truth” instead of rather dull fairy tales marketed as important and real.


That will be one of the all-encompassing actions that will truly help. Helping people to take more responsibility for themselves and what they care about by enabling them with reality, truth, facts and explanations rather than laughable promises. Don’t let’s get obsessed with piecemeal remedies. What I mean is for example: Banks will naturally decline as online direct lending becomes accepted; brokers and financial planners will also find their roles hugely modified by similar online services – few areas will remain as the static and unexamined, secretive, specially treated entities they have become. So spending too much time re-shaping the ogres of now is not worth much.


This, in a positive sense can be and I am beginning (just!) to believe is,  the first stage of a big step, onwards and upwards in the best story on earth, that of human progress.



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Original Reuter’s article this commentes on and adds insight to is here. This comment essay also stands on its own.

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