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Pisa is small. By the standards of Florence or Sienna,  it provides plentiful gifts of delightful travel experiences and is easy to walk around.

Much more than the fantastic Leaning Tower and Cathedral – it is full of restaurants, shops, beautiful buildings, churches, cafes and restaurants. The river runs through it! The River Arno, the same flowing water brush stroke to the city centre as in Florence. Its history is as packed with key moments, characters and creators as Florence itself.

While staying in Pisa devote half a day or so to a visit to Lucca – recommended –  the walled (walls around the ancient town are nearly intact as a ring around Lucca) town, takes 40 minutes by train from Pisa station, trains run twice an hour morning and evening and once during the middle of the day. Lucca is also a[walking visit and you will cover the whole in two hours, with an ideal taster-visit time of 3-4 hours. It offers many arts performances and concerts as well.

Pisa also benefits from having numerous flights to its small but charming airport, which has a train station exactly next to it ( a 1 minute walk from the terminal doors!).

Within Pisa the central train station is an actual 10 minute walk from the centre and river. That’s all!

A hotel in the middle range I’d suggest, is Hotel Bologna, it is rated four star. Though I recommend it, I would suggest it is really a good three star hotel and that other hotels deserve a lower rating! Its location is excellent – river, shops, cafes, palaces and more are discoverable with a two to five minute walk. The hotel will pick you up from the airport for the shortest airport to town centre ride, perhaps in Europe! It’s just 8-10 minutes at most.  Good place to stay especially as you will enjoy Pisa most eating at its various restaurants (everywhere, but a good selection price and style-wise near the main university buildings) and cafes (indeed everywhere!) – you can look at and book  Hotel Bologna here .

Amongst airlines flying to Pisa are Delta (from USA May to September), EasyJet.

Trains from and to Florence, Bologna

Pisa – sometimes thought of only for the leaning tower – go and see that, but enjoy so much more that it offers.


Just a taste of Pisa's treats in store


The river Arno flows through Pisa

Pisa - the river Arno flows through it


Piazza Garibaldi from an ideal cafe seat



Pisa, The /Leaning Tower!

Leaning tower and the Piazza de Miracoli

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