In reply to Travelodge (UK) guest survey 24 April 2011

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In reply to Travelodge guest survey 24 April 2011

Very impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff at the Wymondley Travelodge…all of them.

Dismayed at the submission to the fascist Health and Safety regime in the UK that means (or is your excuse perhaps??!!!) for not allowing access to the balconies at the rear of the property and indeed only allowing about 5 inches or less of window opening.

Travelodge is big enough at least to fight this and resist and i am sure the chairman and CEO of Travelodge are made of stronger stuff than to let the world go to pot because of soul-destroyed socialist/communist police-state-introducing politicians.

Business creates jobs, business improves the world, politicians and their endless souls destroying rules NEVER do.

Open your windows, open your balconies and earn the respect of your customers!

P.S. People are FAR more likely to commit  suicide as a result of the life-quashing state of endless health and Safety social rules than because they have the freedom to stand on a balcony !

Best wishes
Roger Ellman

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