The “magic device” – our HTC Advantage

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HTC Advantage pocket PC

HTC Advantage pocket PC

We have & use the HTC Advantage X7500 (previous version to X7510).
We call it “the magic device”, as it really is a sweet thing that does everything.

I don’t know why people would not use it as a mobile phone – all you need is a bluetooth earpiece. The great Voice Dial allows you to call people by voice (it works), so you can take and make calls with your bluetooth earpiece, without even touching the HTC Advantage.

It is great because:
– it is a mobile phone
– it has Word & Excel
– you can browse the Internet (the screen clarity/resolution/size is good!)
– you can connect both via WiFi and 3G
– you can receive/send emails & SMS text messages easily
– you can quickly enter notes, including handwritten ones (handwriting recognition)
– you can record voice memos
– it has both an on-screen keyboard & an actual keyboard (more on that later)
– the touch screen is nice and works well
– it has a pretty good camera
– you can do video-calling
– transferring files to PC/laptop fairly easy (with bluetooth/ActiveSync)
– backup utility included
– controls and buttons good, usable and “make sense”
– not to forget, it is so light! (395 g, the new one is a little lighter 375 g)
– easy to carry around in the leather case it came with

Now about the keyboard:
I am really envious of the new keyboard of the X7510 – it looks like a better idea, as the only weak point of the X7500 is the un-natural keyboard that gives no feedback (you don’t “feel” you have pressed the key – even though you have to press down hard!), which makes typing awkward and not so fast.
I now have a portable fold-out bluetooth keyboard, bought for around 38 euros.

I would consider buying the new X7510 if I didn’t already have the X7500 (model-envy!).

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