Strategy is important — but so is following your gut, says Chris Blackwell, the co-founder of Island Records who helped introduce the world to Bob Marley. “Get yourself in the right place at the right time,” he says. “How do you do that? Work it out for yourself.”“How do you know that something is good? Well, you either know, or you don’t. It’s a feeling. It’s a kind of trust in something. There is no secret, no plan. The strategy is often that there is no strategy, only energy.”  Chris Blackwell – founder Island Records, Discoverer and booster of Bob Marley

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LOCK-ROPE™  HOTELS, VILLAS, RESORTS AND CAR RENTALS Hotels are changing into… something else. Many have become hyper-wealthy from our strategy of inventing next-generation thinking and technology when they participated in the launch of our revolutionary new Hotel products. We introduced 5 Star Raft Hotels ™, Weightless Hotels and Resorts™, X-hotels™, Infinity Hotels’ NanoHotelsExperience™ and the
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At night you can’t see so much. A quick word on Tom Ford’s “Nocturnal Animals”

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      Excellent acting from Jake G and not a bad piece of work from anyone else is not quite enough to have this tale – with whatever intended conclusive meaning – a merging of timelines and intention to get revenge or imagined revenge, a suspenseful study of the problems in our characters’ lives,
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Post-Brexit coffee taste changed

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It’s not because of the referendum, but the coffee blend prepared at this specialist cafe in Bath, Post-Brexit UK, by experts who strive for perfection, changes weekly and there are three blends to choose from. The blend I’m enjoying is from Panama and I think we still trade with Panama!   In any case Panama
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A post-Brexit coffee tastes different

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I am enjoying an espresso at the ultimate specialist cafe serving perfect coffee in Bath, post-referendum UK. It tastes different because the blend of coffee, it’s origin, changed, not because of the vote. This one is from Panama.  Perhaps we still accept shipments from Panama, perhaps Panama likes us, perhaps coffee is immune to the
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On April first 2016 we launch S.trip hotels

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Inspired by the lack of truly colorful and brightly lit gambling and hospitality joints in Vas Legas, the company that created X-hotels and the truly hard-to-find 5 Star Raft Hotels announce the grand opening of S.Trip hotels. The first hotel to open and bring this amazing concept to the leisure travel marketplace, on the famous
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Sad diminution of delights – a wish, a moan, a pet peeve

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Starbucks is  opening its first store in Italy. Promising to enter the birthplace of espresso “with humility and respect”.   The first Starbucks is planned for Milan early in 2017, apparently in partnership with and Italian company.   I just returned from Malaga, Spain. The sight of a “Costa Coffee” as a conspicuous lump on
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Interest rates, romance, food and movies

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A paddling pond of ideas and thoughts, observations and fresh statements. Food for thought, thought for thinking and pontificates to react to. That’s what’s coming next. The thing is, what name do we give this new feature?   (And perhaps “interest” rates will become interesting, for the first time!)

Season’s change, yet they repeat each year….almost

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Spectre: what happened to the Bond genre?

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I was suspicious when I heard the title. Perhaps when you name the villain in the title, you lose the will to, die another day….well, the energy of the story. You have already popped a hole in the balloon. There was not much left after that. Music (sub-par, generic suspense-thump plus chase-clashing and, almost entirely
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